DIY Light Box

One of my greatest passions is photography.  It’s probably the only hobby I’ve managed to keep up since I was in high school.  I love taking pictures of everything.

For a while, I actually thought I’d become a portrait and engagement photographer.  I even got a few gigs from family and friends for some shoots and started investing in high quality lenses and equipment, but then something happened.  I got my first complaint.  A friend didn’t like the way her fiance looked in their engagement pictures and well… I did the mature thing, fell apart, and declared myself a disaster of a photographer.  Not that the complaint had anything to do with something I had done, but I realized in that moment that I’d have a hard time dealing with clients that could have opinions about themselves.  

I can Photoshop, sure, but at a certain point I feel like pictures start to look fake.  So, while a second shoot was done (and not at 6am this time drastically improving their previously exhausted appearance), declared a success, and several pictures were used for their Save-the-Dates, I couldn’t help but still feel a little bruised from the whole experience and questioning whether I had the nerve to move forward with that dream knowing full well one day I’d get an actual complaint from someone.  Do I have the weakest disposition or what?

Is there a job out there where no one could ever complain about your performance? If so, sign me up!

I still take pictures for friends and family when an opportunity comes along and I actually have a Senior Portrait shoot coming up soon, so don’t think I’ve given up.  But I’ve started looking into other ways I can use my talents and love for the art. Enter food photography. Food can be stupid easy to photograph if you have the right conditions.  The hard part is actually getting the right conditions: the right light, the right coloring in the room, no unappetizing glare on the dishware or food (some sauces can give off a stomach-turning glean when photographed), and by God there’s always a crumb on the plate that I don’t notice until I’m editing.  I started Googling.  Because that’s what the pros do. 🙂 And I decided that to help me achieve some of the desirable conditions (light, color, glare, etc), I should make a photography light box.

There are a TON of tutorials out there.  I used a combination of this one and this one using an old box I emptied in the basement recently from our move A YEAR AGO. Yeah. I’m slow.  The difference in your pictures will literally blow your mind.  The food I was taking pictures of finally looked as delicious on camera as it did to my own eyes in that very moment.

SO… I hope all of you are looking forward to tomorrow’s Food Friday post because that burger?  We took homemade to a new level this week and I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

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