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Food Friday: Kabocha Ravioli w/ Pancetta, Sage, and Walnuts

Kabocha Ravioli

Note to self: Come up with a shorter title for this post.

One of the many benefits of our C.S.A. is the fact that it forces us to experiment with different flavors.  Last week, we were given a Kabocha squash among the many other veggies in our loot.  Wondering what the heck that is? We were too. Having since consumed one, I can say it’s a lot like pumpkin.

Anyway, in the spirit of Fall, the mister has been in the mood for a pumpkin or squash ravioli to try.  What more perfect moment than when you’re handed a pumpkin-like squash?  The inspiration for the recipe came mostly from this recipe from Zen Can Cook.  Here’s the Mister’s version:

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