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DIY Light Box

One of my greatest passions is photography.  It’s probably the only hobby I’ve managed to keep up since I was in high school.  I love taking pictures of everything.

For a while, I actually thought I’d become a portrait and engagement photographer.  I even got a few gigs from family and friends for some shoots and started investing in high quality lenses and equipment, but then something happened.  I got my first complaint.  A friend didn’t like the way her fiance looked in their engagement pictures and well… I did the mature thing, fell apart, and declared myself a disaster of a photographer.  Not that the complaint had anything to do with something I had done, but I realized in that moment that I’d have a hard time dealing with clients that could have opinions about themselves.   Continue reading

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

It’s that time of year again!!  St. Patty’s Day happens to be one of my favorite holidays maybe because I’m one of those obnoxious people that pretends I’m fully Irish when really I’m only a quarter… if that.  But I definitely have extremely fond memories of it from college.  Watching a UVA rugby match, green beer and jello shots at the bars, the bagpipes and loud Irish rock blasting from the frats, ugh I’m getting so excited just thinking about it!  Let’s just say – I’m REALLY glad I moved to a city that celebrates it like it’s New Years.  It’s like a week long event here in Baltimore so clearly I had to start early. Continue reading

Beautiful Disaster


I’ll have the more detailed post with all the how-to’s later on when I actually finish the project, but wanted to give you the as-is for now.

I originally got the idea from the closet shelving built by DIYDiva.  I’ve been wanting to build my own dining room table for a long time now and had considered the classic farmhouse table style.  I liked the look of old planks and even considered using pallets for awhile before realizing that it would be a little too involved for my first big project. Continue reading

Food Friday: Kabocha Ravioli w/ Pancetta, Sage, and Walnuts

Kabocha Ravioli

Note to self: Come up with a shorter title for this post.

One of the many benefits of our C.S.A. is the fact that it forces us to experiment with different flavors.  Last week, we were given a Kabocha squash among the many other veggies in our loot.  Wondering what the heck that is? We were too. Having since consumed one, I can say it’s a lot like pumpkin.

Anyway, in the spirit of Fall, the mister has been in the mood for a pumpkin or squash ravioli to try.  What more perfect moment than when you’re handed a pumpkin-like squash?  The inspiration for the recipe came mostly from this recipe from Zen Can Cook.  Here’s the Mister’s version:

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