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Pinterest Challenge: Chalkboard Mug

Not every Pinterest project works.  In fact very few come out looking like you’d envisioned.  That’s kind of how this week’s project went.  Enter this inspiring Pinterest picture that makes you think “Oh cute! Psh… I can do THAT!”  Yeah.  Story of my life.  But seriously – who DOESN’T want to have their morning coffee with such friendly greetings?

Photo Source: Virtue for Women

So here’s my little tutorial and lessons learned:

First, you need a mug.  It’s a no-brainer, but I’m always happy to state the obvious.  These mugs came in a Corelle dishware set from my sister’s first apartment that got handed down to me when I ventured out on my own.

Second, you’ll need chalkboard paint.  I made sure I did my research on this one (aka I Googled it and just picked the first thing that came up) and purchased a small bottle of chalkboard paint from Amazon specifically designed for glazed ceramics and porcelain.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just buy any old chalkboard paint for this project (Tip #1).  They won’t stick as some other bloggers have discovered recently and thankfully shared.  This stuff is awesome… unfortunately everything on the bottle was written in French.  Luckily I found a single line of English instructions, which basically said to shake first, paint, let dry for 24 hours, and then bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.  Easy enough.  Also, this stuff is dishwasher safe.  Awesome.

Using some painter’s tape, I covered the top of my mug and handle with the hope that I could create a dipped mug look.  Here’s my next tip, **RUB THE EDGE WITH YOUR FINGERNAIL** (Tip #2).  I thought I did, but apparently not as well as I should have because there was definitely some leakage.  Bummer.

Using a foam brush, paint a thin coat of chalkboard paint onto the mug.  Paint a second coat when the first is almost completely dry.  Since this particular paint is tackier than regular paint, if you try to do a second coat too soon, you end up only stripping the first.  It’s a little strange.  You were warned. (Tip #3)  Patience pays off with this project.

If you need a third coat, go for it.  I did my second coat super thick so that I wouldn’t have to do a third because I’m impatient to a fault, but then it ended up looking a little gloopy and drippy, so err on the side of caution…. stick to multiple thin even coats.  Here’s how mine looked after the second coat:

Painting the handle was a HUGE pain.  I regret going for the dipped look which is why my second attempt at this project will a simple rectangle like the original Pinterest picture has.  The handle just doesn’t look good and it’s not like I’ll be writing on it anyway other than the incredibly tempting “Gimme a SQUEEZE!”  Anyone?  Anyone?  In retrospect (or as I’ve now decided to start saying “given the benefit of 20/20 retrospect” due to my lack of ability to keep the two sayings straight anyway), painting the handle was a waste of paint.

I’d wanted to remove the tape while the paint was still wet, but since it was drippy, I was worried a glob would drip down so decided to press my luck and take it off the next morning.  I ran a knife along the edge of the tape so that the paint wouldn’t peel off with the tape.  That actually worked out well, but unfortunately, I discovered that I hadn’t created a clean edge with my painters’ tape and the paint had leaked underneath it.  Sad day.

Nothing the same knife couldn’t fix!  I just scraped the edges and voilah!  A beautiful dipped chalkboard mug.  It’s not perfect, but for a first attempt, I’m happy.

Now if only I had some chalk…

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  1. March 14, 2012    

    so cute! I love this idea! And it ended up looking so good! I could see little messages left for you in the morning.

    • Nicole Nicole
      March 14, 2012    

      Thanks! I was really happy with how it turned out… even with the little imperfections. :)

  2. March 14, 2012    

    Oooh, this came out really well. I have been thinking of doing something with chalk board paint.

    • Nicole Nicole
      March 14, 2012    

      Thanks! I had for awhile too, so I was glad when they announced this season’s Pinterest Challenge to give me some motivation to finally tackle it.

  3. March 14, 2012    

    Love it! It’s so cute! Do you have to “prime” the chalkboard area with chalk before you can write on it?

    • Nicole Nicole
      March 14, 2012    

      The instructions for the paint didn’t say to – unless that was in French! I didn’t notice any issues with not having done so.

  4. March 14, 2012    

    What a fun way to personalize your daily cuppa! :)

  5. October 8, 2012    

    I may be stealing this… cause Lord knows I need another project right now 😉

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