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Breaking Our Silence

There are bloggers that can keep secrets for months. Seriously. Remember when YHL announced they’d bought a house several months prior and none of us readers had any idea they were even looking? They never missed a beat. Posting 1-2 posts a day about this and that. No one had any idea that the projects they were working on were really prepping their current house to sell. Unfortunately, I don’t have that skill.  When something that big is going on in my life, it’s all-consuming. And, therefore, I have nothing else to talk about – hence my absence from the blog world for the past few months.

So here’s the thing …


OK, so for most of our friends and family, this is old news.  In fact this post probably has as much shock factor as the Duggar family announcing they’re having another baby. You guys have been our saving grace helping us scour the internet for listings, coming up with calculators to see how much we could afford, explaining the lingo to us (like “what the heck is PMI?!”), reading over all of our contracts with us so we didn’t accidentally agree to give up our first-born, and helping me when I literally googled “under contract now what do we do”.

For those of you who were left in the dark, we whole-heartedly apologize that we couldn’t share with you our process of fulfilling our dream of being homeowners.  Job security was a major issue for us and since only months prior to looking for a home, my office had experienced a significant layoff, I was on high alert trying not to feed the fire until things were settled and the ink was dry. Not being able to tell some of our friends here in Baltimore has been really difficult especially when people would mention events that were going to take place after our move date and we had to fake our excitement while secretly knowing we probably wouldn’t be able to make it.

We also kept the news mum for a long time from our close friends that we could tell merely because of how grueling the whole process was for us. The underwriting process really threw us for a loop. I heard it was a pain, but I didn’t realize how intrusive and ridiculous it would get for us. I’d go from elated to bawling and back again within a week. Repeat that for a month. In fact, up until the morning of our closing (I kid you not), the Mister and I had pretty much resolved ourselves to the fact that the underwriter would reject our loan application and we’d be S.O.L. Imagine my surprise when I got that email from them that started with “Good news…”  *** Note to future self: Don’t try to buy a house in a new city without a job in that city.  Apparently, banks don’t like that.

Since this process was such a major milestone in our lives, it’s important to me that we share all the ups and downs of it with you in retrospect. And since several of our friends have already started asking us to help them out when the time comes for them to buy their first houses, I thought it best to document as much as I could while it’s still fresh in our minds. You may not agree with some of our decisions or how we came upon them. To each their own.  I’m just telling you what we did and some things we learned along the way that might help you guys out.

But, first things first – let’s introduce you to the new house in Belmont. :)

Front1It may seem a little weird to the outsider that the Mister and I are so die-hard about a city we left only a couple of years ago.  But I think we both needed a little time away from it to really appreciate its value.  This move has been such a long time coming and as we make some major changes in our careers, it made sense to move to an area that we knew would encourage and support the things we’re most passionate about.  So thank you in advance for continuing to follow along with our crazy journey as homeowners!

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