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Monthly archives for September, 2012

Food Friday: Asian Steak Kabobs

Asian Steak Kabobs | Post Grad | www.nicolelitton.com

Hey guys! As promised a guest post from the Mister today! Let us know if you try this out. We’d love to hear how it turns out or if you end up making any changes. I’ve been putting this off for some time now, but am proud to finally have my first guest post on […]

We Interrupt This Project


… for a very important WEDDING! We’ll be back after the weekend with more “exciting” tiling details, but we’ve got a wedding to get to!  My beautiful big sis is getting MARRIED this weekend.  Yay!! Many thanks to some awesome friends of ours for giving up a night this week to help me and the […]

The Tell Tail Heart

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You’ll get that pun later. We’ve learned a lot about the history of construction during this bathroom project.  Maybe we just find it interesting because we’re here experiencing it in person and these discoveries are about our own house, but I thought I’d share some interesting knowledge we’ve acquired. Our house was built in 1875. […]

Food Friday: Fall Chili

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One of my all-time favorite things about Fall is chili.  It’s such a perfect way to bring in the season, piled up watching football, drinking the new Octoberfest from a local brewery.  I love everything about it. I actually got the original recipe from one of my best girlfriends, so thank you, Kristi!  We’ve tweaked […]

Demo Day: A story of mold, lath, and ...

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Other considered subtitles: How to annoy your neighbors with incessant hammering A lesson in patience Thank God it’s not our house?   So last Saturday I had a stroke of “genius” or possibly just a stroke, but I thought it was the P-E-R-F-E-C-T day to tear apart the bathroom and start tiling the shower surround. […]

Small Victories


This weekend wasn’t full of many of them.  But at least one project we attempted to tackle this weekend was successfully completed: replacing the basement door knob. Wondering what we were up to?  Well I randomly decided this would be the PERFECT weekend to start the bathroom tiling project.  A project which involved 2 trips […]