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It’s All Mudddddy And Nasty


It’s been a surprisingly productive month around here and to kick off April, we’ve finally had the sump pump installed.  This was a job we went back and forth on and I’ll be really honest with you guys, I’m still not sure it was worth hiring out.  But we did and it’s done and I […]

Food Friday: Baked Arancini


Is there anything better that fried balls of cheese-stuffed risotto?  Really? This classic dish is very near and dear to my heart.  I’ve made it a handful of different ways and loved each of them in their own way.  When I was younger, my sister made this a couple of times and I got to […]

A Haircut


When The Mister broke his leg, we were flooded with so many kind words, flowers, offers to make meals, grocery shop for us, and care packages.  It was truly a moment of “We have the BEST friends.” And seriously guys, we cannot thank you enough for being so supportive the past couple of weeks while […]



A direct quote from The Mister’s boss when he tried to come into work two weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago, he broke his leg playing soccer – a bad break that required surgery and the placement of a metal plate in his right leg. I now have a new understanding and empathy for people who have […]

Food Friday: White Bean, Bacon, Kale,...


I should really come up with a shorter name for this one, but nothing really does it justice.  It’s essentially my pasta-less take on a minestrone. Back in August when that super cute I-could-squeeze-those-cheeks-for-days nephew of ours was born, we offered to make some freezable meals for my sister and brother-in-law.  Any one who’s been on […]

I Just Want Brick


Any Rehab Addict fans out there?  She’s kind of our hero when it comes to house stuff. There’s something that happens to a house when it’s been passed down to various owners several times over 100 years.  Each owner adds a tweak here and there.  Everyone has their reasons for doing certain things.  Perhaps a […]